The input hyperparameters for a Classifica​tionDiscri​minant classifier are different from those retrieved from the trained model

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I am training a discriminant model using fitcdiscr function.
discrMdl = fitcdiscr(Xtrain,Ytrain,'discrimType','linear','ClassNames',{'1','2'},
'Delta', Delta,'Gamma',Gamma);
After training, for double checking, the hypeparameters Gamma and Delta are retrived from
But they are different from those in the function arguments above. How does that happen?
I also note that the descriminant model, which was obtained by training the fitcdiscr with 'OptimizeHyperparameters' configured, is different from the retrained model with the identified hyperparameters (using: bestPoint(discrMdl.HyperparameterOptimizationResults)).
I wonder if the returned model for hyperparamters optimization is already the one trained with the optimal hyparameters, since there may be no need for model retraining.

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