Satellite orbital parameter problem

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I am doing a matlab project but i am facing a kind of a problem
I am trying to find the satellite height at the ascending node and the user is inputing the inclination ,the argument of perigee,semi major axis, eccentricity, satellite longitude and satellite latitude
I am trying to figure it out up to what formula but it seems i can't get a hold of it if anyone can help me out
Thanks in advance
Marta Stanska
Marta Stanska on 13 Nov 2020
Tou have to do an iteration to find Ek (anomaly), then
rk= a * (1- (e*cos(Ek)))
(R- Earth Radius, a-semimajor axis, e-eccentricity)

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Answers (1)

James Tursa
James Tursa on 2 Mar 2020
Use the orbital geometry to calculate the true anomaly at the ascending node, and then plug that value into the conic equation to get r. That can then be used to calculate height.
Are you familiar with the orbital mechanics equations to accomplish this? Has the instructor given you this?
Thomas Giavasopoulos
Thomas Giavasopoulos on 17 Dec 2021
Thank you very much Mr. @James Tursa. That is extremely helpful!

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