how to save the NN training result properly so that next time using "nntraintool" can reload the old history

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Yunyu Hu
Yunyu Hu on 27 Feb 2020
Commented: Yunyu Hu on 9 Mar 2020
after training a NN model, when I close the GUI nntraintool and reopen it again, it will load automatically the training procedure and result data again.
But although I saved the workspace, but when I close matlab and reload the space, and open nntraintool, it can not load the training procedure and data.
How can I save the data correctly so that next time when I open nntraintool it will show me the same view as after the training?
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Yunyu Hu
Yunyu Hu on 9 Mar 2020
I found some turn around solution.
if I do
[net, tr] = train(net, x, t);
It will give me the plots as in the nntrailtool.

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