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How to find the maximum distance between two curves?

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Hi, I would like to be able to calculate the maximum distance between two curves, is there a simple way of doing this without purchasing one of MatLab's add ons? I have attached a copy of the two curves for reference.
Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!untitled.png


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Vladimir Sovkov
Vladimir Sovkov on 30 Dec 2019
(1) Specify, what do you mean by the distance between curves. If this is the distance between any points of them, a special (though not very much complicated) program is needed; if this is the vertical distance-see the following comments.
(2) If you have the curves as the numeric vectors y1, y2 of the same size presnted at the same common grid x, the maximum vertical distance is just
If the grids differ, address the interp1 function to recast them to the common grid preliminary.
(3) If you only have the curves as pictures, use the digitizing software to turn them into the numeric form. There are a lot of such programs, e.g., DigBit at


Daniel Tanner
Daniel Tanner on 30 Dec 2019
Ah yes, I understand my explanation was not quite sufficient before. Ideally I would like to know the maximum horizontal distance between two points?
Vladimir Sovkov
Vladimir Sovkov on 30 Dec 2019
In my explanation, turn the word "vertical" to "horizontal" or, alternatively, rotate your image by -90 degrees.

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