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Simulink : real-time simulation with Raspberry Pi

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Kento Fujita
Kento Fujita on 9 Dec 2019
Edited: Kento Fujita on 9 Dec 2019
Hi, i'm running simulink programs with 2 Raspberry Pi(1 master and 1 slave).
I want to synchronize the Simulation Pacing of two raspi.
The slave raspi send "clock time" data to the master raspi.
I expected that the slave's clock time difference between start and end matches the master's running time,
but it doesn't.
I set the both Simulation Pacing very slow, but when i run master's program with External mode, the running time is very fast.
And it seems that the slave's Simulation Pacing is also fast.
Running Time
master : 10s slave : inf
Building method
master : external mode slave : stand alone
Sampling time
Communication : UDP
MATLAB 2019b simulink support package for raspberry pi hardware

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