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Converting disp answers to vector/str2num

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I have code line that goes as such. It displays all the answers from earlier part of the code's for loop iterations and I would like to use str2num to convert the disp answers to a matrix. However, there is an error "too many input arguments". Is there another way I can use str2num with disp, or another function similar to disp, just that its form is in a vector? Thank you!
disp (find(A))


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Charms on 1 Dec 2019
I would like to show data - im assuming display the data, in a vector. the for loop in my code runs 10 loops, and disp currently displays 10 find(A) in a chunk but I would like them separate in a vector each
Turlough Hughes
Turlough Hughes on 1 Dec 2019
Can you provide an example of A. Also, why do you need to display all the indices of A, I suspect disp(numel(A)), or disp(size(A)) would be preferable.
Jesus Sanchez
Jesus Sanchez on 1 Dec 2019
Then, as Kalyan answered, fprintf is a good option for your problem. Good luck! :)

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