How to cut the signal at particular time or tol value ??

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I have a signal and respective time ,how shall I cut it at a certain more or less close to tol value/time vector value.
How to set the tol and plot the cut signals ?
close all
clear all
load signal
load t
S = signal(1,:);
tol = 0.5/2310;
T = (1:tol); %??
%then plot limited signal with limited time

Accepted Answer

Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar on 3 Oct 2019
load signal
load t
S = signal(1,:);
tol = 0.5/2310;
[minDistance, indexOfMin] = min(abs(tol-t));
newt = t(1:indexOfMin);
newS = S(1:indexOfMin);
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Hamza Hamza
Hamza Hamza on 15 Jun 2022
Hey ,
for a project i have to generate a sinusoidal signal(force signal) and a second signal with a step function(speed signal) , then try to get the amplitude of the force signal and the phase difference to the speed signal. In which i have to cut the force signal in time domain in the same time of the step of the speed signal , and then show the amplitude and phase at that point using FFT. any Ideas ?

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