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How can I customize the instances of matlab launched via matlabpool?

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For example can I choose the directories to add to the matlab path?
I am trying to use matlabpool on a local configuration.
My standard matlab set up is defined via a startup.m file. This file adds several folders to the matlab path.
Adding folders to each instance of matlab via matlabpool slows down the initialization.
I only need a subset of these folders to be added when I start matlabpool. This woudl speed up the initialization.
Can I set up a different startup file for matlabpool?

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Edric Ellis
Edric Ellis on 17 Sep 2012
When you run an interactive MATLABPOOL session, we always try to synchronize the path on the workers to make sure all your code is available there. Unfortunately, there's no way to disable this. If you run a non-interactive batch job, then you can control the paths on the workers by specifying a value for the AdditionalPaths.

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