How to super impose the two signals, meanwhile conversion of 1-D data to 2-D data by using the simulink blocks?

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Edited: SUKUMAR NAGINENI on 31 Aug 2019
Two Inputs of size 80*60 (colum1*row1) and it's transposed data 60*80 (column2 * row2) are avalible as input to the algorithm.
The simulink model agorithm gives the processed data for the first input is 4800*1 (Column*row), So i need to reconstruct the processed data into original size of 80*60 and transposed it as 60*80 and then convert into 4800*1 data.
The simulink algorithm gives the processed data for the second input is 4800*1 for the input size of 60*80.
Finally i need to super impose or add the same location pixel processed data for 4800*1 (processed data for input1) and 4800*1 (processed data for input2 data), for checking the performance of algorithm. I request to let me know anyone can help to reslove this simulink problem?

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