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lookup tables having issue about the monotonically increasing data.

Asked by ashwani gupta on 25 Jul 2019
Latest activity Commented on by ashwani gupta on 26 Jul 2019
Hi, i am trying to establish a corelation between my aerodynamic and structure grid for combined Aerodynamic and structure analysis. Here i am getting the X,Y and Cp from aero data and trying to obtain the data on the points given by structure mesh. So, to do that i am defining look up tables from 'Sample2DCpDistribution_Sorted.xlsx' and input to tables from 'Learn.xlsx'. kindly help me to sort out this problem. I have attached all the relavent files and model.
"Values of 'BreakpointsForDimension1' in 'wing_analysis/1-D Lookup Table' must be strictly monotonically increasing. The problem occurs at element 2. Change the breakpoints data or use the fixed-point tools such as Auto Scaling or Fixed-Point Advisor to determine a different parameter dialog type."


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1 Answer

Answer by Fangjun Jiang
on 25 Jul 2019

For lookup tabel data, you need to make sure the value of the breakpoint data is strictly increasing.

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Thanks for your reply sir. In my attachment file 'Sample2DCpDistribution' are in the noral form and the values of the same data sorted out in file 'Sample2DCpDistribution_Sorted' in increasing order of the breakpoint but still problem is same in computing Y values for the given input.

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