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MATLAB R2014b not working anymore. Windows 10

Asked by Melodie Dick on 25 Jun 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Melodie Dick on 3 Jul 2019
I have MATLAB R2014b on my computer, however it just stopped working. It will show a window open in the task bar, but there is no way to access it. I was told to uninstall it, and now I cannot seem to re-install it. I am not sure what to do at this point, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


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1 Answer

Answer by Jan
on 25 Jun 2019
Edited by Jan
on 25 Jun 2019

What exactly is "just" in "it just stopped working" ? What happened before? Did you install the Windows 10 1903 update?
I'm running R2009a/32 & 64 successfully under Windows 10.
There have been some threads in the forum concerning the default position of the Matlab windows. You can restore the position (and in cosequence the visibility) eitehr by restoring the former preferences folder (see ) or by using the context menu of the window in the TAB-selection (see: )
What does this mean: "I cannot seem to re-install it"? Please mention any details.

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Hi Jan,
To provide more context, I was using MATLAB R2014b just two days before (Friday) and it was working just fine. Then on Sunday, I tried to open the program and it would not open. It would show the openning screen, and usually the command window would pop up shortly after, but it just stopped there and self-closed the application.
I ended up uninstalling the 2014b version and installing the 2015b version because after several attempts to open/troubleshoot the program, my computer crashed.
There may have been a much easier fix than what I had done. If so, please comment. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!

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