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Finding elements of an arrays having specified index numbers

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Saeid on 22 Jun 2019
Answered: dpb on 22 Jun 2019
If I select a number of elements from an M X N array (which usually follow a pattern) I need to assign the indices of these elements into an nX2 array where the columns 1 and 2 are the row and column numbers of these elements. then I would like to find elements of another M X N array having these index numbers. As an example, I have already marked the red elements in the 17X14 array shown below and now I want to find the elements of another 17 X 14 array having exactly these numbers. How can I do this?

Accepted Answer

dpb on 22 Jun 2019
Given you return the indices in vectors ix and iy, then
where A is the other array and V will be the vector of returned values from those locations. Note, V is a vector, not an array.

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