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Hardware setup error for Raspberry Pi package installation.

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Mystic Hightower
Mystic Hightower on 11 Jun 2019
Commented: niraj on 27 Jun 2019
Hi guys,
I tried to to configure the MATLAB Package for Raspberry Pi Hardware with the Mathworks Raspbian image.
I choose the third option for network configuration (connecting via local host.)
However, after Matlab had written the image to the SD card, I received a Hardware Setup Error with the message "Dimensions of arrays being concatenated are not consistent" when clicking Next to finish the setup.
I tried reformatting the SD card many times with SD Card Formatter but the error keeps persisting. Even running Matlab in Administrator mode does not work.
MATLAB version used: R2018b
SD Card: SanDisk of size 14 GB.
Any advice?


jesus salamanca
jesus salamanca on 25 Jun 2019
I have the same problem with version 2018b, it works perfect rp 3b with matlab 2017b, but version 2018b does not finish the process, I appreciate any help
niraj on 27 Jun 2019
Finally done, the simple trick is that, you have to connect to either Lan mode Or wifi mode. Don't assign any IP just let it be automatically. Once connected, you can easily see the IPs in the router settings.

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