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a script that joints multiple sheets in an Excel workbook

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alpedhuez on 24 May 2019
Commented: alpedhuez on 24 May 2019
I have an Excel workbook with, let us say, 40 worksheets. Every worksheet has a format of
Date Sheet1Data
5/1/2019 10
Date Sheet2Data
5/1/2019 20
Then I want to have a script to outerjoin all the worksheets automatically. The output will be like
Date Sheet1Data Sheet2Data
5/1/2018 10 20
Please advise.


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Guillaume on 24 May 2019
readtable (or readtimetable) the first two sheets, outerjoin them. Then readtable (or readtimetable) the remaining sheets one by one in a loop, outerjoin'ing them to the previous result.
file = 'C:\somewhere\somefile.xlsx';
numsheets = 40;
result = outerjoin(readtable(file, 'Sheet', 1), readtable(file, 'Sheet', 2), 'Keys', 1, 'MergeKeys', true);
for sheet = 3:numsheets
result = outerjoin(result, readtable(file, 'Sheet', sheet), 'Keys', 1, 'MergeKeys', true);

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