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how can read Arabic characters by the uitable?

Asked by Javad Fattahi on 5 May 2019
Latest activity Edited by Javad Fattahi on 6 May 2019
Hey guys
I’m going to be writing a Matlab Uitable code which is collect some data and also encompasses number and Arabic characters, but unfortunately, it can’t read Arabic characters. How should I solve this problem?
it means, it shows them as a block. in this picture you can see that English vs Arabic.


You did not happen to indicate which MATLAB version you were using. If you are using r2014a or earlier then your only hope is to use character vectors that start with '<html>' and then use &# HTML sequences giving the decimal version of the Unicode position such as &#6397;
In R2014b and later you should be able to use character positions that are above 127 in the character vector provided that the font supports it. In most cases matlab .m files will not save character positions above 255 in the source code so you might need to use char() and the position number such as char(6397)
It worked for me in R2019a using some random (probably nonsense) arabic. I am using Mac; I did not have to do anything special.
walter I use R2017b and also windows version, but I'm going to testing this issue in R2019a version. I hope it will be efficient.
thank you for your comments ;-)

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