How to create a random number that is a percent of each element in a vector

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I was wondering if anybody could solve this simple roulette indexing/random number question i've been struggling with for a long time. In the for loop I need to create a variable Bet that is a random number that is between 2-12% of each value in row 1 of RoulettePlayers. I commented where I need to include this. Any help is appreciated I've been trying to figure this out for hours.
RouletteRounds = 10 %number of rounds
RoulettePlayers = zeros(RouletteRounds+1,RouletteRounds);
initial_intt = randi([5000,25000],1,10); %randomly generates initial integer value for in pocket $
RoulettePlayers(1,:) = initial_int %makes row 1 of RouletteRounds equal to in pocket cash
BetType = zeros(3,10); %ignore this
for l = 1:RouletteRounds
Bet = randi(1,RoulettePlayers) %<- here i need to create a random number that is between 2-12% of the inidivduals in pocket cash (so row 1 of Roulette Players)

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Kevin Phung
Kevin Phung on 25 Feb 2019
Edited: Kevin Phung on 25 Feb 2019
here's a small example:
a = [100 200 300 400 500; 600 700 800 900 1000]
bet = [];
for i = 1:size(a,2) %for the number of columns,
%append a value from 2-12% for each element in the first row
bet(end+1) = randi([.02*a(1,i) .12*a(1,i)]); %randi generates an random integer from [min max]

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