How to transmit several float from simulink to arduino mega

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pascal on 12 Feb 2019
Commented: pascal on 6 Sep 2020
good morning
i am a french teacher and i would like to know how to send 3 float from simulink to arduino.
I want to use the transmit block from simulink suppport package for arduino hardware
may i use single format or array of bytes?
I tell you that i understood the opposite passage that uses the union structure in arduino code to send floats from arduino to simulink.
In fact i would like to know the arduino code and the blocks to put in place in simulink and their setting.
thanks a lot for your anwers

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Munish Raj
Munish Raj on 25 Feb 2019
The data can the sent to arduino from simulink as an array
This can be done using the Tapped delay block in Simulink.
When this is done, the serial port will send the subsequent data bytes continuousy.
The Read protocols on arduino will treat these as unique values.
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pascal on 6 Sep 2020
Hello and thank you for answering me.
I still don't understand the use of "tapped block".
I am attaching a screenshot to receive 2 floats from arduino to simulink. I would like to know the scheme in simulink to send 2 float to arduino from simulink. I also attach a screenshot of the arduino code to receive 2 floats from matlab.
Thanks in advance for my students
Best regards

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