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Read TDMS file or convert to XLSX

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mael thevenot
mael thevenot on 9 Oct 2018
So my problem, right now I'm doing : Open a TDMS file with Excel, go in the second datesheet, deleting the 1st row of data and saving the file into a .XLSX. Then I'm using those XLSX files for my matlab programs.
I have to do it for a large number of files so I would like to know if there is a way to automatise this (or directly delete the row of data in the TDMS file and using it in matlab?). After a quick search I found this (, but I did not understand what this is or how to use it. Would this be what I'm looking for? If this is it, can someone please explain to me how do I manage to do it?
I'm not really good at matlab still learning it.

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