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Getting access of an output variable from a function or script which is saved in a different folder.

Asked by BdS
on 5 Sep 2018
Latest activity Commented on by OCDER
on 5 Sep 2018
Hi everybody, In one folder (P:\MATLAB\SystematischesPM\Data) I have got a script named "DataDownload". It returns a cell 20x1 named "DataSet".
My question: I would like, from another folder (Q:\SystematischesPM\Quality), to create a function which loads some of the data from the cell "DataSet".
I suppose that I will have to run the script "DataDownload" first from the function in (Q:\Syste...) and then get access to the desired data in "DataSet"? Do you know an elegant way of doing that?


"I have got a script named "DataDownload". It returns a cell 20x1 named "DataSet"."
Scripts do not have input or output arguments, so a script cannot return anything:
Do you have a script or a function? This makes a difference, as they can be called in different ways.
Sorry for the confusion. I have got a script. When I run it I get a cell 20x1

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1 Answer

Answer by OCDER
on 5 Sep 2018

Use path to define functions that you want to use, but are in different folders.
For your case,
In case you want to add subfolder too, use genpath
Now you can summon DataDownload from any working directory.

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Why not turn your script into a function?
function Out = DataDownload()
Out = cell(20, 1);
Then you can get your cell from any function like:
function Out = myFunc(varargin)
MyData = DataDownload; %Gets your 20x1 cell from DataDownload.m function file
Of course, DataDownload must be added to your matlab path, as shown in the answer above.

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