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Plans to support ROS 2.0?

You listed ROS 2.0 integration under "What's next?". Are you planing to release a ROS 2.0 Toolbox in the near future? If so, could you specify a approximate time for the release?


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Answer by MathWorks Robotics Team on 9 Aug 2018
Edited by MathWorks Robotics Team on 19 Sep 2019
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As of R2019b, we are happy to state that the ROS Toolbox has support for ROS 2 Bouncy! Please see this page for an overview of supported features, and this page to get started with ROS 2.
We are not able to comment on plans for future features, but if you follow the release notes, you can see new features that have been added in new releases.

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David Hodo on 19 Sep 2019
Awesome! Any roadmap/schedules for supporting the newer releases (Crystal or Dashing) and ROS bag support?

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