Hittest axes with WindowWheelScrollFcn callback

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I am attempting to make a GUI that has interaction using the mouse wheel, and the GUI behavior should depend on which element the mouse cursor is over when the mouse wheel is used. There are multiple axes objects, and I have previously (probably around 2012) used hittest to check which axes the mouse cursor was hovering over. However, this no longer works unless I first use mouse click on the axes.
It seems like an odd behavior imo. Is there any way to achieve what I want without having to click on the axes first?
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Bjarke Skogstad Larsen
Bjarke Skogstad Larsen on 29 Jun 2018
Example code:
function pickHit2
f = figure;
ax = axes;
p1 = patch(rand(1,3),rand(1,3),'r');
p2 = patch(rand(1,3),rand(1,3),'b');
function hitresult(obj,event)
hObj = hittest(obj);
switch hObj
case f
case ax
case p1
disp('Patch (Red)');
case p2
disp('Patch (Blue)');

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Jan on 29 Jun 2018
Bjarke Skogstad Larsen
Bjarke Skogstad Larsen on 29 Jun 2018
Sorry, I missed the "2" :-) It works with the modified version supplied by your link, thanks!

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