how to find growth rate constants?

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sivaram munnangi
sivaram munnangi on 17 Jun 2018
Answered: Arthur Goldsipe on 20 Jun 2018
Lambda o (exponential growth rate) and Lambda 1 (linear growth rate) were used in tumor growth modeling. I referred many articles to know how to find those values but no article clearly explains it even in the videos or webinars. so, can you help in knowing how to find the values?
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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 17 Jun 2018
You can use the least square curve fitting lsqcurvefit() to estimate the growth rate from data. You didn't tell about the type of data do you have and what is the mathematical model you want to estimate.

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Arthur Goldsipe
Arthur Goldsipe on 20 Jun 2018
Are you referring to this example? PK/PD model for Tumor Growth Kinetics under Therapy
In the cited paper, the authors report data for tumor weight as a function of time. The SimBiology model simulates this tumor weight as a function of time. So you just need to estimate the model parameters so that the predicted tumor weight best matches the experimental tumor weight. As mentioned int he comment on your question, you can do that using functions like lsqcurvefit. In SimBiology, you can also use the function sbiofit to do this fitting, or you can create a Fit Task in the SimBiology desktop. You can find examples of how to perform fitting in SimBiology here and here.

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