How to add tables in the Live Editor?

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YT on 29 May 2018
Edited: Ganesh on 21 Sep 2019
I was wondering how to add a table in the live editor. Thanks.

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Ganesh on 21 Sep 2019
Edited: Ganesh on 21 Sep 2019
Using \matrix is perhaps the only way to do this. Here is an example to create a table with math:
\text{Component} & n_0 \text{mol} & n(\tau) \text{mol} & p(\tau) = P n(\tau)/\Sigma n(\tau) \cr
N_2 & 1 & 1-\xi/2 & P(1-\xi/2)/(4-\xi) \cr
H_2 & 3 & 3-3\xi/2 & P(3-3\xi/2)/(4-\xi) \cr
NH_3 & 0 & \xi & P\xi/(4-\xi) \cr
\Sigma & 4 & 4-\xi & P \cr
Entering this into the live editor's LaTeX equation box produces the following:

Anselm Griffin
Anselm Griffin on 18 Oct 2018
Hi Looks like you cant. If anybody else knows can they let us know please? Regards Anselm
YT on 18 Oct 2018
This was not what I meant. I found a solution. See my comment below.

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YT on 18 Oct 2018
I found a way around by using matrix as shown below.
$\left[\matrix{\textbf{Heading1}&\textbf{Heading2}&\quad&\textbf{Heading3}&\quad& \textbf{Heading4}&\quad&\textbf{Heading5}\cr & &\quad& &\quad& &\quad& }\right]$

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