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2D projection of a textured mesh from a known worldOrientation, worldLocation

Asked by Beril Sirmacek on 8 May 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Beril Sirmacek on 9 May 2018
The function below, finds the camera position and orientation when the world points and the corresponding image points are known.
[worldOrientation,worldLocation] = estimateWorldCameraPose(imagePoints,worldPoints,cameraParams);
My camera looks at a textured mesh. After finding the worldOrientation and the worldLocation of the camera, I want to make an image of what the camera sees at this position. The image should show a 2D view of the textured mesh.
Is there any function which can help to display this 2D projection image?

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pcshow(data.worldPoints,'VerticalAxis','Y','VerticalAxisDir','down', ...
hold on
hold off
In other words, the sample code generates the illustrated output. When the camera Orientation and Location are known, how can I make an image of what camera sees? Assuming that there are textured meshes in the scene as well.

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