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how to fix not enough input arguments?

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Dimuthu Dissanayake
Dimuthu Dissanayake on 20 Mar 2018
Closed: Walter Roberson on 20 Mar 2018
I created a faster rcnn called 'detector' and it detect people.I want to give the video feed from webcam and detect people in the video.this is my code.
cam = webcam();
videoFrame = snapshot(cam);
frameSize = size(videoFrame);
videoPlayer = vision.VideoPlayer;
runLoop = true;
frameCount = 0;
while runLoop && frameCount < 400
videoFrame = snapshot(cam);
frameCount = frameCount + 1;
[bbox,scores] = detect(detector,step(videoFrame));
if ~isempty(bbox)
I = insertObjectAnnotation(videoFrame, 'rectangle', bbox, scores);
clear cam;
but I came up withis error.
Error using step
Not enough input arguments.
Error in webcamhumandetector (line 16)
[bbox,scores] = detect(detector,step(videoFrame));
please help.


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