Is there some way to update the FITS library used by Matlab?

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Matlab appears to be using a very old version of FITSIO (v3.27 circa 2013) that doesn't support files larger than ~2GB. This issue was fixed back in 2013 with version 3.36. Is there some way to point Matlab to a new build of CFITSIO?

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Chandani Madnani
Chandani Madnani on 27 Feb 2018
I understand that you would like to support large FITS files on MATLAB. As you rightly pointed out, version 3.27 of 'cfitsio.dll' cannot handle files larger than 2 gigabytes on Windows machines. We are aware of this limitation and are actively working towards fixing it in a future release. As a workaround for this issue, I recommend using a Linux system or breaking the file into sizes smaller than 2.1 gigabytes.
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steve solomon
steve solomon on 28 Feb 2018
Neither of those suggestions are reasonable options for us. Any other thoughts?
Any idea when Matlab will support the current FITS incarnation?

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Lane Meier
Lane Meier on 3 May 2018
I've run into this issue as well and would also like to see it fixed.

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