Can I trigger/activate a rule using an event in SimBiology?

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I have created a repeated assignment rule in the SimBiology desktop which defines Species_Y as a function of Species_X (both are boundary conditions).
For my particular scenario (see figures below) I want to apply a maximum limit of 4 to Species_Y.
I think this could be achieved by activating the repeated assignment rule at a given time or Species_X concentration, using an Event. Please could you advise if this is possible and what I need to enter in the EventFcns command line or if there is another way of achieving this?

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Arthur Goldsipe
Arthur Goldsipe on 15 Feb 2018
If I understand correctly, you could get the desired result by replacing the repeated assignment rule y = f(x) with y = min(f(x),4). As described here, I also suggest adding events to ensure the solution is accurate when there is a discontinuity in dy/dt. For example, the following two events would ensure the solver resets whenever f(x) crosses the value of 4 from either direction:
  1. Trigger f(x) >= 4, Event function x = x
  2. Trigger f(x) < 4, Event function x = x

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