Neural network outputs in each epoch

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I use Matlab 2011a. I would like to know how to get the output vector of the neural network in each epoch.
For example if the network is trained in "x" epochs, I would like to create an array on the evolution of the network in the training step, thus creating a matrix of "x" rows and "y" columns where "x" represents the number of data (in train, validation or test subsets) and "y" represents the number of epochs.
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Greg Heath
Greg Heath on 6 May 2012
I think that is only possible if you change the source code.
If you try M runs of 1 epoch long, at each new call,the internal parameters *e.g., mu) change. Therefore, you won't get the same answer as that from a single run of M epochs.
You would probably have to modify train to accept initial values for those internal parameters and to output the new values of the parameters.
Hope this helps.

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