How to replace only a particular block with replace_block

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I have two blocks with same name in my system but in two different subsystems. When I use replace_block both blocks are replaced. But I need to replace the exact block which I have mentioned in the argument list: Example: replace_block(get_param(LookUpnDTableList{index,1}, 'Parent'), 'Name', get_param(LookUpnDTableList{index,1}, 'Name'), NewBlock, 'noprompt') Should only replace the block get_param(LookUpnDTableList{index,1} in this subsystem. not every block. How to do this?

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Farook Sadarudeen
Farook Sadarudeen on 21 Dec 2017
I have found the solution. By adding 'SearchDepth' parameter I can restrict it to my subsystem.

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