Install Arduino library to Matlab

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Dan Maria
Dan Maria on 12 Nov 2017
Answered: Baras Mh on 17 Apr 2022
How can I install an Arduino library ("OneWire" for DS18B20) to Matlab? A step-by-step explanation would be helpful, as I've tried everything I could find on the internet and it still doesn't work.
Thank you!

Accepted Answer

Nicolas Schmit
Nicolas Schmit on 13 Nov 2017
Nicolas Petit
Nicolas Petit on 17 Nov 2021
Edited: Nicolas Petit on 17 Nov 2021
same exact problem for the same library. Could find any answer on the forum. I have MacOS, tried the clear classes, rehash thing, did not work

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Awa Dieme
Awa Dieme on 11 Oct 2021

Baras Mh
Baras Mh on 17 Apr 2022

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