bar and histograms for categorical data

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I have this vector and std =[ 0.4041 0.7670 1.0682 0.6582 0.0475] and these lyer=categoris [{'crust','upper mantle','lower mantle','outer core','inner core'} and each of them correspound to the array values and want to make a histogram of this . i used bar(lyers,std) but the order of categores is not as required. is there a way to fix this or i should use diffrent commands.

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Ramnarayan Krishnamurthy
Ramnarayan Krishnamurthy on 4 Oct 2017
MATLAB by default places categories in alphabetical order. One of the possible approaches to switching the order of the bars is as follows (tested in R2017a):
% Setup data
std =[ 0.4041 0.7670 1.0682 0.6582 0.0475]
lyer = categorical({'crust' 'upper mantle' 'lower mantle' 'outer core' 'inner core'})
% Reorder the categories in the order you want using reordercats
reorder_lyer = reordercats(lyer,{'crust','lower mantle' ,'upper mantle' ,'inner core' ,'outer core'});
Another approach may involve switching the XData, YData or XDataMode.

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