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How to capture a spectrum from a R&S spectrum analyzer and find its maximum?

Asked by Antonio Guillen on 27 Apr 2017
Latest activity Commented on by Antonio Carvalho on 25 Oct 2018
How can I communicate with a Rohde & Schwarz ZVL spectrum analyzer and capture the spectrum on the analyzer screen from matlab?
Then I want to get the frequency at which the maximum value is found.

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Guillen, hello. Did you have any News about? It was possible? Cheers,

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1 Answer

Answer by Vinod
on 1 May 2017

You could start by modifying this example. Specifically, you'd have to modify the SCPI commands to match those for the ZVL, which are documented in the manual for the instrument.
If you are able to get this working, consider posting your code on MATLAB Central File Exchange so others may also learn from your example.


Hi, in the example you tell me not to acquire the signal as a spectrum analyzer, it only leaves it configured.
What command would I have to execute to capture the analyzer screen when I configured with the parameters of the initial frequency, final frequency, bandwidth ...?
Many thanks!
These commands get the data on the Keysight instrument. You might find similar commands for the R&S box:
% Trigger the instrument and initiate measurement
% wait till measure operation is complete
measureComplete = query(signalAnalyzerObject,'*OPC?');
% Read the IQ data
data = binblockread(signalAnalyzerObject,'float');
Please look in the R&S instrument manual for the commands.

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