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Surface reconstruction from volume data with holes

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Thanos on 3 Mar 2017
Commented: Thanos on 10 Apr 2017
Hello everyone!
I am working with 3D ultrasound data and after using an algorithm for automatic segmentation on each slice along the z axis (using active contours) I obtain the segmented images and I try to do surface reconstruction. Unfortunately my algorithm is not working perfectly and sometimes I end up with some holes. Below I attach an image, where I used isosurfaces, and it can be seen a hole at the right part of the shape. I used the "smooth3" function but I wasn't that satisfied from the result. Any ideas of what else I should try?
Thank you!

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Thanos on 10 Apr 2017
btw, I believe that "Interslice Interpolation" might be a possible solution to this problem but I haven't found an implementation on Matlab. (only on ITK). I have also tried to just use a median filter along the z axis but because of the shape of my model it didn't work that well..

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