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Carmelo Gonzales
Carmelo Gonzales on 25 Feb 2017
Answered: Faiz Gouri on 27 Feb 2017
I am working on a program to process twitter activity for a particular set of key words. I would like to get the timestamp of all of the tweets imported to matlab. The base program I am using to help me code is found here:
Any help on obtaining timestamps from the Twitter API would be appreciated!

Accepted Answer

Faiz Gouri
Faiz Gouri on 27 Feb 2017
The "created_at" field can display the time-stamp of the tweet, but there is no direct option available to get the timestamp with twitty. For the summary of the twitty's available methods, run the 'twitty.API' command. Try parsing the twitter Structure returned from twitter to find out if that structure has the field "created_at"

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