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How to delete a project?

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Antonio Carlo Bertolino
Antonio Carlo Bertolino on 6 Nov 2016
Edited: madhan ravi on 26 Jun 2020
I created a project file from a model. Now i want to delete it. In particular if i want to create another project from another Simulink model i can't: The only option is to add that model to the first project i created. How can i delete this project and restore the option in the File tab of the Simulink Model "Create a new project from this model" ?


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Tim Hosey
Tim Hosey on 23 May 2017
Edited: madhan ravi on 26 Jun 2020
The Simulink Project creates a hidden folder called .SimulinkProject at the root of your project. This folder contains all of the project's definition files. Deleting this folder will remove all traces of the Simulink Project from disk.
You can run the following MATLAB commands to delete this folder:
>> cd ([path to project root folder])
>> rmdir('.SimulinkProject', 's')

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Poojitha Ariyathilaka
Poojitha Ariyathilaka on 26 Jun 2020
Example: If you want to Change Directory to 'C:\Users\Poojitha\Documents\MATLAB' and then delete .SimulinkProject folder;
%no any parentheses or brackets needed - R2018a
cd 'C:\Users\Poojitha\Documents' %#1
rmdir('.SimulinkProject','s') %#2
%#1 and #2 are 2 seperate commands on MATLAB command window

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Jan on 6 Nov 2016
My first idea is to ask the an internet search engine. Then I find e.g.
There is a context menu, which offers a "delete" command. Does it, what you need?

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Jan on 5 Mar 2018
Come on, TS. Then I have misunderstood the sentence
In Simulink® Project, in the Files view, use the context menus to
perform actions on the files that you are viewing. Right-click a
file (or selected multiple files) to perform project options such
Add and remove files from the project.
It is possible that I misunderstand a question or a part of the documentation. But it is off-track, if you call it "rude" that I have mentioned, that I asked an internet search engine. Too many users forget to do this by their own. This is definitely not a "RTFM!". Be so kind to remove your flag.

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