When will Mathworks fix the Latex image resolution in published documents?

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Since nobody from Mathworks responded, I will try again.
Comparison of a Latex equation (5X zoom):
Matlab 2016a published image:
Tex compiled image:
I've seen many users complain about the poor quality of the rendered Latex images over the last several years. I don't understand how Mathworks can keep implementing so many graphical features and overhaul the graphics, without addressing the stupid resolution of the Latex published images.
Could someone at Mathworks at least confirm that they are AWARE of this issue? Any possibility to see a fix in a future version of Matlab? A response from Mathworks would be appreciated.
Thank you
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Andrew Roscoe
Andrew Roscoe on 9 Jun 2016
Yes this is driving me nuts. It takes a perfectly usable feature (publishing) and then makes the equations so small (if there are any sub/superscripts or fractions) that students cannot read what I have created.
There WAS a solution.. which worked until R2015a, which I list below (it came from another Forum and I did not discover it myself). This WORKED for R2015a, but has STOPPED WORKING for R2016a. I have tried any number instead of FontSize '22', even up to 72, but the equations don't resize any more. If MATLAB can't fix this, I'm going to have to stop using it as part of my teaching materials.
• In MATLAB type "edit publish" • or edit MATLAB/r?????/toolbox/matlab/codetools/publish.m • You may need to take ownership of the codetools folder and all its contents in Win7, to able to resave this file with changes. • Change the line with "fontsize",22 to about 28 • In Matlab type "rehash toolboxcache" • In Matlab type "clear functions" • Delete all PNG files in the publishing "html" directory where your script resides. • Republish. • Tada!

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 8 May 2016
If you need a response from Mathworks, you should open a technical support case. This is not an official Mathworks support avenue.


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