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Raspberry Pi 2 cannot display a 7 segment display. Help Needed!!

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Eshaan Ghosh
Eshaan Ghosh on 28 Apr 2016
I have recently programmed the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B with the python program from github for displaying on an Adafruit 0.56" Led display, and it displayed seamlessly. I tried to do the same with MATLAB, the displays didn't even turn on once. The i2c connection is detected. I followed every step as given in 7 segment display. But it diddn't work. Connection with Raspberry PI is fine. the GPIOs work with MATLAB and Simulink. It is weird and i cannot figure out why.
write(segmentDisp, 7); write(segmentDisp, hex2dec('a')); write(segmentDisp, hex2dec('b'));
i tried to write this and it displayed nothing. there is no error also in the Command window. Cannot even debug because i m clueless of the fault.


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