exporting to excel from matlab

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sri satya ravi
sri satya ravi on 27 Apr 2016
Edited: Stephen23 on 7 May 2016
Hi, i have a few results from my code which i want to export to excel....
bs_co = final_m_co / work_hp_hr
bs_co2 = final_m_co2 / work_hp_hr
bs_thc = final_m_thc / work_hp_hr
bs_no = final_m_no / work_hp_hr
bs_no2 = final_m_no2 / work_hp_hr
bs_nox = final_m_nox / work_hp_hr
bs_nmhc = final_m_nmhc / work_hp_hr
bs_ch4 = final_m_ch4 / work_hp_hr
I have a few equations like those......I want the results from the equations to be exported to excel and if possible with names like "bs_co = ".

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 28 Apr 2016
Put the values in a cell array that has the header strings in its first row, and then use xlswrite()
Stephen23 on 7 May 2016
Edited: Stephen23 on 7 May 2016
The documentation has lots of examples:
An internet search engine helps you to find the MATLAB documentation.

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