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Simulink and software modules

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timo on 19 Mar 2016
Dear all I am trying to learn Simulink and i thought of a fun project, to model the AUTOSAR CAN Driver. Ofcourse the C implem of the CAN driver run on a specific MCU , but what i want is to implement all functionality of the CAN driver using Simulink What i want to do is to implem the interfaces to Can Driver and then be able to run the model with some main usecases. 1. Data comes on the bus with some messages 2. Send the data to the bus
Is this feasable , or possible ? IS Simulink capable ? The func spec of the can driver is taken from
This specification specifies the functionality, API and the configuration of the AUTOSAR Basic Software module CAN Driver (called “Can module” in this document). The Can module is part of the lowest layer, performs the hardware access and offers a hardware independent API to the upper layer. The only upper layer that has access to the Can module is the CanIf module (see also BSW12092). The Can module provides services for initiating transmissions and calls the callback functions of the CanIf module for notifying events, independently from the hardware. Furthermore, it provides services to control the behavior and state of the CAN controllers that are belonging to the same CAN Hardware Unit. Several CAN controllers can be controlled by a single Can module as long as they belong to the same CAN Hardware Unit.

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