How to a take out a double file from structure

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navan on 18 Jun 2015
Answered: Jan on 18 Jun 2015
I am having a structure as shown below. I would like to take out the a specific double file 'y' (as shown in image) outside the structure file to my workspace and want to make it as y double type in the workspace. Kindly help
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Jan on 18 Jun 2015
Please use the term "struct" for structs. A "structure" is something else. A "file" is a stream of data on the hard disk. I assume, you mean a "variable" and a "field". Using the terms correctly is important when such a fragile and pedantic system as a programming language is used.

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Jan on 18 Jun 2015
I assume the answer is trivial:
y = Data.y;


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