SPMD Loop Iteration Job Not Submitting on MATLAB Distributed Computing Server

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I have implemented SPMD on a loop iteration which runs about 3000 times. I want to run the job on a MATLAB DCS to see if I can get even better execution speeds. However, when I try to submit the job, I get an error: Unable to determine job requirements.
I suspect the reason I am receiving this error is that I didn't specify particular values for the input arguments when creating the task. But the iteration case here is such that the values of the input variables change at every iteration. Thus, I cannot input a specific value.
Please, how can I get my code to submit on the DCS server. My code is outlined below OMP is a user-defined function written within the same MATLAB script):
c = parcluster ('LegionProfile');
myJob = createCommunicatingJob(c, 'Type', 'SPMD');
num_workers = 24;
for iter = 1 : MAX_ITER
for col = 1:n
task = createTask (myJob, @OMP, 1, {D,Y(:,col), k(col)});
X(:,col) = fetchOutputs(myJob);
Edric Ellis
Edric Ellis on 19 Jun 2015
Aha! The "Unable to determine job requirements" is coming from your underlying scheduling system. You'll probably need to work with your cluster admin to work out why that error is showing up.

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Answers (1)

Andrew Schenk
Andrew Schenk on 18 Jun 2015
Take a look at this UCL FAQ as it mentions the same final error message you are encountering:
Does the Validation of your cluster profile pass successfully? If not then the issue is not with your particular script, but with the setup of the cluster profile. Cluster profile validation is described here:


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