What is the best way to organize parameters in a flexible way?

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Interpretation of some parameters depend on other parameters, and I want to store a meaningful name if possible. As an example:
type_of_function = 'linear' or 'sinusoid' if linear: a and b should be the parameters if sinusoid: amplitude, phase, frequency should be the parameters.
So how to organize my parameters? In a structure? Or cell array? And how?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 11 Jun 2015
Cell arrays are complicated and confusing. I think a structure or structure array is a lot simpler, intuitive, and more straightforward if you have a mixture of related data of different types. It's a good choice to hold a variety of data.
If all your data have the same number of elements, though they may be of different types, then a table would be good and may have some advantages over a structure for doing certain types of bulk operations.
If you want certain functions to be associated with your data, then you can build a class, but if all you have is just data and just need a way to store them, then you wouldn't need a class.

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Ingrid on 11 Jun 2015
Edited: Ingrid on 11 Jun 2015
I would think in a class so that you write a class functionType which can hold two classes either linear or sinusoid and than define a class for both the linear and the sinusoid which defines which parameters these classes can hold
organizing as a class has an additional advantage that you can also define methods that perform calculations with your parameters


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