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Invalid workspace data format for root Inport, please help me. thanks.

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nadia belhouchette
nadia belhouchette on 14 May 2015
Edited: nadia belhouchette on 14 May 2015
Hi, I have used NNCTRL20 Toolbox fonction (apccon.m), I used Simulink model, I have obtained error in matlab command.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> READ OUTPUT FROM PLANT <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>> if strcmp(simul,'simulink')
>> utmp=[t-Ts,u_old(1);t,u_old(1)];
>> simoptions.InitialState=x0;
>> [time,x0,y] = sim(sim_model,[t-Ts t],simoptions,utmp); ** ERROR (line 132) **
>> x0 = x0(size(x0,1),:)';
>> y = y(size(y,1),:)';
Error using apccon (line 132) Invalid workspace data format for root Inport 'Model/Inport'. The model is configured to load its root level ports from the workspace. The workspace data specified for this root Inport is a column vector; you should use that format only with a root Inport that outputs a function-call signal. Use one of these approaches: a) For the workspace data to be loaded, use a format other than a column vector; b) For this root Inport, select the 'Output function call' block parameter; or c) Turn off loading of external inputs by clearing the Configuration Parameters -> Data Import/Export -> Input parameter.
So can anyone please help me ascertain what's going wrong and how I can fix this issue? thanks.

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