writing 1*5 char in one cell in excel

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i have a problem- i have parameter in matlab called patients = 82x5 type char when each row is like 234t1(has both numbers and a letter)
i want to import it to excel so that each patient name will be in one cell and not 5..( a1 = 234t1, a2 = 234t2,...)
how can i do that?

Accepted Answer

Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 19 Nov 2011
Itamar Calderón Osuna
Itamar Calderón Osuna on 24 Mar 2019
Great help! Thank you!
I was sending a date to Excel and, instead of writing the full date in a single Excel cell, it wrote each character in a separate cell. After using cellstr() the problem was solved!

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John on 19 Nov 2011
Perhaps the following would work:
xlswrite('test.xls', cellstr(x))
Where "x" is a character array

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