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ThingSpeak not downloading historical data

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Doron Joffe
Doron Joffe on 7 Feb 2024
Commented: Jacob on 13 Feb 2024
I have a ThingSpeak channel. However data is only downloaded from the channel for the past 90 days. Anything before that is not downloaded even though I can see that there is data on the channel for this period.
This occurs even if I don't use the API. Even if I access the website and use the download data button, the csv file only contains data from the last 90 days.
Is there a setting I can change?
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Jacob on 13 Feb 2024
Could you try downloading the csv data now, you should be able to access all the data from 2023. The prior years' data is currently being restored. For updates on the issue, visit

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Answers (2)

Krishna on 13 Feb 2024
Hello Doron,
From what I gather, you're looking to retrieve data from ThingSpeak that extends beyond a 90-day period. I trust you're utilizing the 'thingSpeakRead' function to access the data stored in your channel. The 'thingSpeakRead(channelID)' function is designed to fetch the latest data from all fields within a specified public channel on
To acquire data spanning more than 90 days, you should use the 'NumDays' option in 'thingSpeakRead', which is a name-value pair that specifies the number of days you wish to extract data for, with the numeric value representing full 24-hour periods. Be mindful that ThingSpeak imposes a limit, capping the data points returned at 8000. If you require more than 8000 data points, you'll need to adjust the number of days accordingly or perform multiple requests to collect the additional data.
Please go through the following documenation to learn more,
Hope this helps.

Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 13 Feb 2024
Also, ThingSpeak presently has a temporary data degradation. See this post in the community for more information


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