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Simulink : Signal exchange between export-function via Ccaller

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I encounter a blocking problem. I have an export-function assembly, that communicates with each other through 3 types of ports:
- In/Out Simulink Port
- SimulinkFunction / FunctionCaller
- Caller
Unfortunately the signals do not pass through the CCallers while everything works on a more simplified model.
Can you help me?

Answers (1)

Yatharth on 24 Aug 2023
It seems like you are facing a blocking problem with the communication between different ports in your assembly, specifically with the CCallers. While everything works fine in a simplified model, the signals are not passing through the CCallers in your current setup.
Here are a few suggestions to help diagnose and resolve the issue:
  1. Verify the configuration: Double-check the configuration of the CCallers and ensure that they are correctly set up to handle the signal passing. Ensure that the input and output ports of the CCallers are properly connected and configured.
  2. Check the data types: Make sure that the data types of the signals passing through the CCallers are compatible. Check if there are any mismatches in data types that could be causing the blocking issue.
  3. Debugging: Enable debugging options in your assembly model to trace the flow of signals and identify any potential issues. Use breakpoints or logging mechanisms to track the signal flow through the CCallers and check if there are any unexpected behaviors or errors occurring.
  4. Test with simplified models: Create a simplified model that focuses solely on the CCallers and their connections. Test this simplified model to ensure that the CCallers are functioning correctly in isolation. Gradually add components and connections from your original assembly to identify if there is a specific component or connection causing the blocking issue.
You can review the documentation and resources available for the specific CCaller implementation you are using. Check if there are any known issues, limitations, or recommended practices that could be relevant to your situation.
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Amine on 24 Aug 2023
Thank you for your answer, hopefully I find the solution of my issue 1 day ago.
This issue was that each Model Reference have not the same Configuration which imply that the checksum for creating the compilation folder slcc (inside slprj) was different.
From that I understand that each models are not writing/reading in the same memory for exchanging signal data.

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