Do I need to buy other toolboxes to use Financial Toolbox

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I am using MATLAB with Standard Licnese. Now I need to add Financial Toolbox, I know that Financial Toolbox needs extra payment, but it also says that needs two additional toolboxes to operate:
  1. Optimization Toolbox
  2. Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox
My question is:
Do I need to buy these two toolboxes too? or they are included when I buy Financial toolbox?
Thank You
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Licensing on 20 Jun 2023
It does not allow you to buy only Financial Toolbox, saying "Financial toolbox requires additional 2 toolboxes to work, add them to the cart"
so you need to buy all 3 toolboxes.

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Accepted Answer

Rik on 2 Jun 2023
This indicates that the Financial Toolbox will not work properly (or possibly not at all) without the other toolboxes. This means you will have to purchase those as well. They are not included in the price of the the Financial Toolbox.
Note: I'm not a Mathworks employee, so you should take my word for what it is: the advice from a stranger on the internet. However, this is how it worked for me. If you want to make sure, you can always contact Mathworks support directly (you can find the button at the bottom of the page), or wait for an employee to notice this thread and to confirm or contradict my explanation.
Rik on 2 Jun 2023
You're welcome. If this answered your question, please feel free to mark it as accepted answer. If you want to hold off a while to wait for another response, that's also fine of course.

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