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Connect Vector device to Packet Input block with Simulink Desktop Real-Time

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I'm facing a problem to connect Vector CAN Device VN1630A via Simulink Desktop Real-Time Toolbox. I'm using the block Packet Input to connect my device. Unfortunnetaly, my device is not recognized by Simulink (see following picture).
I don't have the same issue when I use Vehicle Communication Network Toolbox (see the following picture). Unfortunalety, with this toolbox I can't ensure Real-Time communication.
Thanks for your help

Accepted Answer

Jan Houska
Jan Houska on 2 Mar 2023
in the Vector Hardware Config tool, please create an application named MATLAB and assign the CAN channels you want to use to this application. Then the first assigned channel will become selectable in the driver GUI as MATLAB 1, etc. This is also described in the documentation.
Good Luck, Jan

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