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Where is the code of a Matlab Object?

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kale on 14 Jan 2023
Answered: Bruno Luong on 14 Jan 2023
I'm trying to write code in matlab for a linear equaliser, but I'm struggling and I haven't found any examples online.
However, I have noticed that matlab provides (in the communications toolbox) the comm.LinearEqualizer object.
I don't want to use it because I don't need some sort of function/object to do the work for me... I want to write such a function/script completely from scratch (for loops, variable declarations etc).
My question is: is there a way to see what's inside comm.LinearEqualizer? To see how it works? For example, by opening it (right-clicking) I can't actually find the code that equalises the signal .. no loop .. no calculations etc. Where can I find them? If I could find this code I could take a cue to write my own

Answers (1)

Bruno Luong
Bruno Luong on 14 Jan 2023
which comm.LinearEqualizer
/MATLAB/toolbox/comm/comm/+comm/LinearEqualizer.m % comm.LinearEqualizer constructor
If it's mfile contains source code then you can see it.


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