Rename File in a Different Folder

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Hey all,
I am trying to use the movefile command to rename a file using variables and current date.
If I use this code and the REPORT.txt is located in the working folder, it works absolutely fine:
movefile('REPORT.txt', fullfile(prjNo + 'REPORT'+ date +'.txt'));
However, the file I am trying to rename is located in a subfolder of the working folder. I have tried the following options but none of them works:
% Option 1:
movefile('OUT\REPORT.txt', fullfile(prjNo + 'REPORT'+ date +'.txt'));
% Option 2:
movefile(fullfile(workingfolder, + 'OUT\REPORT.txt'), fullfile(prjNo + 'REPORT'+ date +'.txt'));
Can someone point out where the problem is or offer an elegant alternative solution please?
Many thanks.
Rik on 4 Nov 2022
I personally would prefer sprintf instead of strcat, but this is equivalent to what I would suggest.
Note that explicitly including the working directory is not required.

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Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 4 Nov 2022
Edited: Stephen23 on 4 Nov 2022
new = fullfile(prjNo + 'REPORT'+ date +'.txt'); % odd use of FULLFILE.
Note that '.' refers to the current directory.

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